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מצנח חירום מתכוונן עבור מצנחי רחיפה

Guided Mayday

3,195.00 ₪מחיר
  • נתונים טכניים

    Product Code 84101A
    Gores 16
    Area [m2] 39
    No. of Lines 25
    Weight [kg] 2.9
    Load [kg] 60-130
    Sink Rate [m/s] 2.8 m/s (90kg)
    Forward Speed 15 k/h (90kg)
    Glide ~ 1.5
    CEN Certification According to EN 12491 up to 130kg
  • תקן

    G-MD is fully certified by CEN to the new EN norm and approved for up to 130kg.

    Click here for test report

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